The factory of fresh coffee from Zaporizhzhya

ISLA is a blend of highland Arabica beans of different quality. Multi-staged sorting and blending process takes place in Italy whereas roasting is carried out in Zaporizhzhya at the high-end factory opened in 2015 year. Due to our customized roast profiles we create coffee that can easily compete with world brands. At the same time our coffee is beyond them due to green beans of a better quality and freshness of the final product. ISLA is a Ukrainian brand of top-grade coffee created by our team after 14 years of being illy’s exclusive distributor (a famous Italian coffee brand). Due to our experience, knowledge and contacts in a coffee world we have managed to create the delicious blend.

ISLA is premium coffee for every day.

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Coffee in the morning. Coffee during the day. Coffee at night. What does it offer to us at any time of the day? Energy, inspiration, the possibility to stop and to turn round, to stay alone with our thoughts on a personal island…

Yes, coffee is an island — the place for relaxation, recreation and break before new achievements. It’s our island Khortitsa on the Dnieper River in Zaporizhzhya (Span. “isla” — an island).

The symbol of our coffee is a “boat”. You need it to get to the island and to spread coffee throughout the world. This is what is seen at first glance. But there are other meanings as well: halves of a coffee bean — as it is necessary to grind coffee before — and a cup of hot tasty coffee.



Optical check of coffee beans by Bühler equipment (Switzerland): 1000 beans/sec., any defected beans are removed.

Computer check guarantees the same roast profile and consistency of taste.

Fresh coffee is only available on our stock.


The roasting equipment by Probat (Germany) is one of the leaders in this sphere.

Stirring of beans before roasting guarantees homogeneity of aromatic properties of coffee beans from different plantations.

Maximum flavour due to air-cooling system.


Customized roast profile reveals coffee beans flavour to the most.

Delicate aroma and velvet taste even in filter methods of brewing.

  • "Turkish" coffee

  • Moka

  • Filter coffee

  • French press


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