Professional equipment

Faema is a world leader in the production of professional coffee machines. Faema coffee machines are exported to more than 120 countries of the world.

Patent-protected thermosyphon system by Faema guarantees constant temperature for every cup of coffee – the probability to have coffee unbrewed or burnt is excluded.

Faema product range can meet any requirements:

  • traditional coffee machines for espresso and cappuccino;
  • super-automatic coffee machines for espresso and cappuccino;
  • coffee grinders.
  • Traditional machines

  • Superautomatic machines

  • Grinder-dosers

  • For E.S.E. pods

  • Filter machines

Astoria MCE Touch
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Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741
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Equipment for home
and offices

We offer different types of coffee machines to make espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee, “Turkish” coffee etc.

Types of coffee machines:
  • automatic coffee machines;
  • coffee machines for pods;
  • automatic “Turkish” coffee machines;
  • filter coffee machines.

Automatic coffee machines for offices and home have different functions: friendly control unit, easy to use. Automatic coffee machines are for those who don’t have so much free time to make coffee or cocktails by themselves.

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